31 MAY - 6 JuNe 2021
Weekly report
about the work of the team on current projects
In the Big Team
- Collection of questions for the meeting with Dada

- Help in supporting Dada's new video

- Help in collecting quotes

- Published the podcast #1

- Regular online meeting with Dada, meditation and answers to questions

The tasks of supporting videos on the YouTube channel "Meditation Steps", collecting a photo bank and collecting quotes are still relevant.
International Department of "MeditationSteps": YouTube channel and social networks

Facebook service support


Volunteers that help us to collect the quotes:

Graham McKenzie
Sarah Belmadani
Garret Fadul

We continue the work on the Finnish translation of subtitles for the video of the 16 points playlist

Joonas Autio

Volunteers that helped in the preparation and organization of the online meditation course (May 27-June 17)

Gizem Albayrak,
Florence Schmalz,
Graham McKenzie,
Gadi chetty

Moderators and organizers of the Book Club meetings about Elementary Philosophy (Chapter 6).:

Finn Ove Körner,
Ileana Naish-Guzman

Ongoing collective morning meditation online. The program includes the spiritual songs of Prabhat samgita, kirtan, meditation, svadhyaya, kaoshiki and asana. Organizers and active participants:
Finn Ove Körner,
Mia Herbosa,
Likaterinna Bendeliani,
Jyotisman Kaspar,
Jørund Finborud,
Florence Schmalz,
Rita Love,
Elias Rolf,
Karon Mee;

Everything that is done with Love changes the world for the better. The love that you put into this world inspires and shows that we are on the right Path!
If you are not yet with us, and you like what we are doing, then join the Big Team of "Meditation Steps"
Weekly reports
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