RAWA radio.
Music to the core

since 2020

RAWA - Renaissance of Artists and Writers Association
This is a yogic concept of art.
This is an internet radio with sattvic music and podcasts about meditation, yoga, self-development, and health. The radio talks about the benefits of a yoga lifestyle and healthy ideas.
Here is the best music for the sattvic mind.

You don't need to waste your time searching for something sophisticated, suitable for yoga and the subtle state. Just turn on the radio and listen to the music, lectures, and podcasts that are always inspiring.
This is the radio for those who want to constantly keep a subtle wave of the mind. We are already being listened to in different countries of the world.
For whom?
What is this project
What is the benefit?
Our soul needs beauty like air. Nothing else is needed, any crisis is a lack of beauty. The beauty lies within us in its formless concentrated form – like a delightful silence, ready to explode and turn into a whole universe.

Dada Sadananda

How does this project affect people and the world?
The yogic concept of RAWA is creativity not only for the sake of creativity and self-expression.
RAWA is an art that encourages creation, development, movement from imperfection to perfection.

What we see and hear – just like food – fills us with energy with a certain charge. What this charge will be is our choice. RAWA radio broadcasts music with a positive charge, setting a subtle mood for all the listeners.

What challenges does the project face?
The main difficulty is that we cannot develop as fast as we would love to. Why? Because everything is based only on the volunteer work. Designers, developers, technicians who have responded to our request for help, work in their spare time.

With all our efforts, we cannot move forward intensively. We now need full-time employees, but we cannot pay them yet.
Stanislav Kosarzhevsky
Vyacheslav Mylnikov
Ivan Lyusy
Who takes care of the project
Now there is a channel with mantra music.
In the future, we will expand the range of musical directions. We will also add lectures, author programs, meetings with interesting people.

We are planning to develop a mobile application for the radio, as soon as there is a specialist who can get involved in the process on an ongoing basis.

Plans for the future

If you are inspired by the idea to change the world and people
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We are uniting to develop the "Meditationsteps" project with a team of like-minded people.
Meetings with the main team of " Meditationsteps": discussing work, planning, dreaming.
Guys I'm with you, what to do?
Welcome to the Big Team
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We are looking forward to seeing you in the closed Telegram channel.

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