Big team | podcast # 7

Svadhishtana chakra
At Saturday meetings with Dada Sadananda of the Big Team, we meditate together, discuss the work and make Big plans) Dada also replied to many questions from the team.

These are the podcasts from this meeting. The highlights of it are in short 3-5 minute audio clips.
All questions in one track
This is convenient if you want to listen all questions at once. If you want to find a separate question of interest then scroll down below, there is a section with short podcasts.
The list of Podcasts about Muladhara chakra
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What is Svadhisthana chakra responsible for?

Egoistic tendencies of Svadhisthana chakra

The 1st propensity - indulging into pleasures
Eat nice food, which is going to heal you
The 2nd propensity is a state of stupor and dogma
The 3rd propensity is fear of death
The 4th propensity is cruelty, lack of empathy
The 5th propensity - trying to put down other people
Lack of confidence, inability to take decisions
Sexual desire
How to developed Svadhisthana chakra
Tips for men's health
Is it true that drinking a lot of water is harmful?
Is it possible that one chakra is balanced and another one is not?
Do samskaras have a connection with chakras?

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