Online yoga retreats

since june of 2020

Three days of immersion in the practice of yoga and meditation
Yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice.
A retreat is an event where a person tries the acquired knowledge in practice.
Subscribers of the "MeditationSteps" project have a lot of video courses on yoga and meditation, while retreats give an opportunity to devote 3-5 days entirely to practice, without being distracted by everyday issues.

At the retreats we invite subscribers of the "Meditation steps" already familiar with the techniques of meditation described in the project.
At the online retreat, the participant feels the influence of yoga practices and understands how early waking up, asanas, kirtan, meditation, vegetarian food works on the physical, mental, spiritual levels.

For many participants the retreat becomes the starting point for regular practice.

On the retreat they can know other practitioners and share experiences, impressions, get answers to all their questions about the practice.
What is the benefit?
What is this project?
For whom?
I wish each of us to move together, to think and feel in unison and create Ananda Parivar - that is a society of family. A family in which all people, animals and plants will be happy, will be in bliss. I believe that we will see such a society with our own eyes even before we finish our journey on the Earth, which in fact is a paradise.

Dada Sadananda

How does this project affect people and the world?
With regular practice of yoga and meditation, a person develops in three areas: physical, mental and spiritual. Also gets rid of complexes, fears and problems with health. Life becomes balanced, develop intuition and intelligence. Person is able to act efficiently in different situations, has more energy for themselves and their families.

Morally balanced people have a resource and a desire to help others, create initiatives, and constructively influence the world.

What difficulties do we face?
Now many people want to go to the retreat. Special demand for retreats, which holds Dada Sadananda.

To conduct more large-scale activities or increase the frequency of small events, we need proven team of organizers. And also the leading speakers should have more hours per day :)
We upgrade the qualifications of representatives of the project so that they can hold our programs. And we need assistants for the new speakers of the project.
Who takes care of the project
Olga Zhaglina
Yulia Semenikhina
Zhenya Andreeva
Dada Ragamayananda
Nikita Klishin
Didi Ananda Sainjana
Dada Sadananda
Anfisa Kuklina
Ilya Igumnov
Expanding the geography of retreats: start at new cities and countries where there weren't events from "Meditation steps".

Creation and promotion of training programs for new speakers who will become the leaders of the retreats, since Dada Sadananda is physically can't be present at all events.

Development of the format of the festival "Meditation steps - where the retreat program includes several streams of lectures, classes and other activities for 300 or more people.

Retreats with simultaneous translation in different languages, where people from countries of the world can participate.
Plans for the future

If you are inspired by the idea to change the world and people
we can do this together!

Be a part of the Big team of «Meditationsteps»

Big team is:
Closed Telegram channel: we are sharing ideas, helping and testing products.

Live streams with Dada Sadananda every week. Online meditation sessions and inspiration for the Big Team.

We are uniting to develop the "Meditationsteps" project with a team of like-minded people.
Meetings with the main team of " Meditationsteps": discussing work, planning, dreaming.
Guys I'm with you, what to do?
Welcome to the Big Team
of the project "Meditationsteps"!

You can subscribe on the monthly subscription.Your support is helping to change the world.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the closed Telegram channel.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.
Even if you have only 5-10 free minutes a day that you want to devote to the "Meditationsteps" project, together we can do a lot!
You can also subscribe for regular financial support. Each and every contribution matters, regardless of size.
Choose any option of participation and join the community of the Big Team "Meditationsteps" with all its opportunities.
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