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Closed Telegram channel: we are sharing ideas, helping and testing products.

Live streams with Dada Sadananda every week. Online meditation sessions and inspiration for the Big Team.

We are uniting to develop the "Meditationsteps" project with a team of like-minded people.
Meetings with the main team of " Meditationsteps": discussing work, planning, dreaming.
Guys I'm with you, what to do?
Welcome to the Big Team
of the project "Meditationsteps"!

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We are looking forward to seeing you in the closed Telegram channel.

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Even if you have only 5-10 free minutes a day that you want to devote to the "Meditationsteps" project, together we can do a lot!
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Choose any option of participation and join the community of the Big Team "Meditationsteps" with all its opportunities.
What is the future
of the project «Meditationsteps»?
We continue to work on the main YouTube channel and the free meditation course, to organize online programs, make marathones and develop the project in other countries around the world.

We also engaged in development of a mobile application.

What else we are working on right now
A lot of good sattvic music on RAWA radio
The mobile application
New Basic meditation course — for those who are not familiar with yoga
Online retreats and events
Opening branches in different countries
Excerpts from online meetings of the Big Team with Dada Sadananda. That is 1-3 minute audio podcasts with most important parts from the live streams.
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Weekly reports
For any questions please contact customer support through the Telegram-bot or contact us by Email [email protected]
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